About Me

Hi! I'm Kim.

I recently left my role as Head of Celebrity and Entertainment at BuzzFeed. During my five-and-a-half years there I amassed more than 300 million views across thousands of my stories, ran the celeb and entertainment teams, acted as their talent booker and interviewed dozens of high profile stars.

I have 15 years experience in the industry overall having previously worked for several other websites, including CBBC, Radio 1 Newsbeat, Digital Spy, OK and Mail Online. I also spent three years in radio, interviewing and booking stars for more than 200 stations and reading the news for KM-fm across Kent. I did a stint as a travel writer based in Singapore and have worked in TV production on numerous shows, from T4 to Popworld.

If you need a professional and highly experienced celebrity interviewer for your magazine, website or videos, please get in touch. I'm also an experienced talent booker who knows how to set up shoots and come up with fun concepts to reach an audience of millions.

I can freelance write about pop culture, travel, feminist issues, current affairs and motherhood.

Just a few of the places I've worked for: